Optimizing your eBay store for the holidays

Hey Salefreaks, It doesn’t take a seasoned dropshipper to recognize the profit potential during the holiday season. Shoppers who have been saving all year long are finally ready to buy; the question is, is your store ready to sell? In this special-edition holiday newsletter, we’re going to take a look at the most important dates […]

Five tips for a 5-star eBay satisfaction rating

Imagine you need to buy a new set of computer speakers, so you head over to eBay and discover there are only two sellers offering the model you want. They’re both selling identical, brand new models. The only difference between the two is that one has a 100% customer satisfaction rating, and the other only […]

Dropship from Amazon to eBay with Salefreaks Automation Software

You’ve heard of dropshipping. You might even know a few people who run dropshipping businesses. But do you actually know what dropshipping is? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here’s the basics: Buy low from one online retailer (Amazon, for instance), sell high on another (like eBay). No physical inventory, storage space, or checkout stand needed. […]

5 Quick-and-Easy Tips to Increase Your eBay Store’s Profitability

When it comes to building and maintaining a profitable, revenue-generating eBay store, control is king. And one of the key factors you want control over in a successful dropshipping business is your placement amongst the competition. That means knowing what your buyers are interested in, what items are trending, what your competitors are selling, and […]