10 Most Profitable Dropshipping Products In 2019

09 June 2019
Chris Garrett

According to 3D Cart, in 2017, approximately 23% of online sales last year were fulfilled via dropshipping, which amounts to about $85.1 billion.


The appeal of dropshipping is the hassle-free fact that as a seller, you don’t have to take inventory of any products that you sell.  The products are all shipped for you using dropshippers such as Oberlo and AliExpress and give you the opportunity to run your own e-commerce business from the comfort of your own home.


But if you are first starting, the hardest part is to find the most profitable niches and products that are out in the marketplace in 2019.  It can seem overwhelming at first, and for good reason.


Today I want to share with you the ten most profitable dropshipping products to sell in 2019.  These are in no particular order.


So let’s dive right in!



1. Wireless Phone Charger


wireless phone charger


(Image Source: Amazon.com)


As our world has gone almost completely mobile, it’s no wonder why phone accessories earn a top spot on our list today.


With phone accessories, you can sell products such as phone charges, smartphone cases, the headphones that go with these smartphones, car chargers, and power banks, for example.


One of the biggest trending cell phone products to sell right now is the wireless phone chargers because consumers are simply getting tired of the old-fashioned plug-in chargers.

Not a great excuse, but as consumers, we are always looking for less-cluttered and slick ways to manage our electronics.

If you’re just beginning your new e-commerce store, selling wireless phone chargers is a smart move.



2. Anti-Aging Face Cream


anti-aging face cream


(Image Source: Amazon.com)


The beauty and the anti-aging market has been raging for a very long time.  It’s almost an evergreen market because no one likes to grow old.


There has always been huge market potential for anti-aging products for particularly the face cream recently.


According to the Zion Global Market report, the anti-aging market is going to touch $216.52 Billion globally by the end of 2021.

In a society that pushes youth and beauty on the cover of its magazines, no wonder why this market has stood the test of time.


If your store happens to be tailored to women, this would be a fantastic product to add to it.



3. Deshedding Pet Gloves


Deshedding Pet Gloves


(Image Source: Amazon.com)


In the United States, we love our pets like we love our children.  We usually keep them as indoor/outdoor pets and let them sleep in our beds, relax on our couches, and use our homes just like a part of the family.


The only drawback to this is the hair they leave behind in the process.  This is where the deshedding gloves come in handy.  The gloves can help the animals shed hairs while you are bathing them.


According to America Pet Products Association, it is expected that 75.38 billion dollars  will be spent in 2019 on pet products.


The market is full of opportunity, and if you are passionate about pets, then why not add this as one of the products you sell on your store.


You can get these deshedding gloves easily enough on AliExpress and Amazon.  The gloves use silicon little pointy edges so that you can pull hair from your pet while giving them a fun bath.



4. Waterproof Shoe Protectors

Waterproof Shoe Protectors

(Image Source: Amazon.com)


Waterproof shoes are not only one of the more profitable items for 2019. They are also very cool and hip.  You can sell them easily on your e-commerce store through dropshipping for about $5 to $15 a pair.


As you can guess, these can become a seasonal item for your store.  During the summer months in the United States, the demand will drop off at it can get extremely hot and dry in some areas.


Expect this item to do well during the winter months.



5. Inflatable Pet Collars

Inflatable Pet Collars


(Image Source: Chewy.com)


When I first saw an inflatable pet collar on a dog, I almost laughed.  It was the cutest thing to see. I immediately thought of a neck pillow that you would use when you are flying on a plane.

In reality, pet lovers are using them for all kinds of things, but the primary reason for these inflatable collars is to help pets recovery after injury.

It’s similar to the large plastic cones you would typically get from the vet and has the same effect.



6. Eyeshadow Stamp

Eyeshadow Stamp


(Image Source: Amazon.com)


Eyeshadow stamps are widely popular right now and make it super easy to color in eyebrows and spruce up your lines quickly.  Make-up artists love this new device and are experts at using it.

For the average woman though, it might take some time to become a pro, but the beauty industry is constantly evolving, and the eyeshadow stamp is the hottest product in that space for 2019.



7. Strapless Backless Bras

Strapless Backless Bras


(Image Source: Amazon.com)


For women, bras have always been a tricky business, especially the strapless ones. As summer is coming around, wearing sleeveless, strapless, and open-back tops become the norm to keep cool.

These strapless, backless bras adhere to the breasts through silicon suction technology.  It’s a great invention, and one of the hottest fashion trends right now for women!



8. Smart Watches

Smart Watches


(Image Source: Amazon.com)


According to ZDnet.com by 2022, the analyst expects smartwatch sales to have increased twofold to 94.3 million units.


Minimalist watches are one of the biggest trends right now, and the demand is growing rapidly.


These would be an easy item to sell on your new e-commerce store and would help get you off to a profitable start.



9. Car Phone Holder


Car Phone Holder

(Image Source: Amazon.com)


Car phone holders are becoming an increasing site on consumer’s dashboards.

Because we can’t seem to go anywhere without our phones these days, even when we are driving, why not start selling these products on your e-commerce store?

Did you know automotive parts and accessories are selling online at an all time high currently? The sales exceeded $10 billion last year.



10. Home Security IP Cameras

Home Security IP Cameras


(Image Source: Amazon.com)


According to MarketWatch.com, The worldwide market for Connected Home Security System is expected to grow at a CAGR of roughly 19.3% over the next five years, will reach 200 million US$ in 2024, from 70 million US$ in 2019, according to a new study.


This is a great opportunity for you to sell not only home security systems but also the accessories that go along with it.




It’s important when you are first setting up your e-commerce store that you do your due diligence and understand what is trending and what is most profitable.


The worst thing you could do when you start is selling products that are old-news or don’t make you any money.


Use tools such as Google Shopping Trends to find out what’s hot right now and what people are online searching for.  This will help you determine what niche to go after.


But most of all, make sure you enjoy what you are selling and have a passion for the retail business because even though you don’t have a traditional brick and mortar store, you still will have to deal with customer service issues.


I hope this article helped and good luck!




By Lisa, Content Expert at Mofluid

Chris Garrett Content Editor
Chris Garrett
Content Editor

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