No more locked Amazon U.S. Accounts! Introducing: Salefreaks Managed Account Service

20 March 2020
Chris Garrett

Have you been struggling to dropship on eBay U.S. due to your Amazon accounts getting locked? If so, read on…


For years, Amazon has been the #1 supplier of choice for eBay dropshippers. Prices are low, shipping is fast and customer service is great. But recently, Amazon has been suspending (or locking) accounts that have a high value or high volume of orders being placed to multiple customers. Naturally, this has caused a fair amount of stress for dropshippers.


Luckily, if you’re dropshipping on eBay U.S. we have a solution. A solution that allows you to fulfil as many Amazon orders as you want, of any value (even $1,000+ products), with ZERO risk of facing an Amazon account suspension!


Introducing: Salefreaks Managed Account Service


How it works: With our managed account service, we fulfil your eBay orders using our own Amazon accounts – removing the stress, lost money and time spent dealing with Amazon account suspensions. After orders are placed, tracking information is automatically collected from Amazon and added to eBay using BlueCare Express.



What’s more, we’ve developed advanced settings so you can choose to mix and match our managed account service with your existing Amazon accounts if you wish! We can take the riskier orders off your hands, while you can continue to benefit from discounted gift cards, or tax exemptions you may have with your own Amazon accounts. You can even restrict our service to only fulfil orders that are above a specific cost (e.g. only $50+ orders) or set a maximum total number of daily orders to fulfil – it’s your choice!


Proven stability and stress free eBay dropshipping


Move aside child birth! There’s nothing more stressful than waking up to see your Amazon accounts have been locked. But perhaps an even worse feeling is a couple of days later when eBay buyers start messaging you en masse to ask where their orders are. If you’ve experienced this, you’ll know what I mean…


A lot of eBay dropshippers run their business as a side hustle and simply don’t have the time necessary to deal with the chaos of having their Amazon accounts locked, yet know that Amazon is the best dropshipping supplier around. If this sounds like you, you might be a perfect candidate to join.


Why? So far, we’ve been running our managed account service for ~2 weeks. In this time, 117 different users have connected to the service and we’re processing ~1,000 orders/day (and growing) without any issues at all


manage Proven stability


That’s right. No downtime or interruptions. No quivering behind the sofa as you load your accounts with a cup of tea in the morning, wondering if they’ve been suspended. You and your customers can rest easy knowing your orders are taken care of.


Far lower chance of eBay suspensions such as MC011

ebay restricated account

It’s not just Amazon account suspensions that have been a problem. One of the biggest reasons for receiving the dreaded MC011 suspension email from eBay is for not uploading valid tracking numbers. And typically, when is it that dropshippers “drop the ball” and don’t upload tracking information? When their Amazon account has been suspended and they can’t access it!


It’s a double whammy. Your Amazon account gets locked, you struggle to access your orders and in a particularly brutal sequence of events, eBay suspends you for failing to upload tracking.  Salefreaks managed account service acts as an extra layer of protection against this doomsday scenario happening.


One more thing, even if you’ve been dropshipping and experiencing no issues fulfilling Amazon orders, this is a great way to mitigate risk. Having 2 ways to fulfil your orders helps you diversify, so should your own Amazon accounts fail (or our own service), you always have a backup plan incase of emergencies.



Remember the hidden costs


Does our managed account service cost money? Yes – $15/mo plus $0.30 for every order


But what about the costs of not using it, like:


  • The cost of slots or proxies if you use your own Amazon accounts

    To safely use your own Amazon accounts, you need to keep them separated using proxies or Salefreaks Safe Access – typically costing $20-$30/mo each. If you have large amounts of orders, this means multiple Amazon accounts and multiple proxies so your costs quickly add up. On the other hand, use our managed account service and you can fulfil an unlimited amount of orders.


  • The cost of your time + your VA’s time sorting out cancelled Amazon orders

    How much is your time worth?Imagine the worst happens and your Amazon accounts get suspended, think of the time you’ll have to spend:

    • Asking Amazon to unlock your account –– This can take a couple of weeks of persistent contact attempts – Amazon is notorious for being hard to contact to get your accounts unlocked.
    • The time working out which Amazon orders have been fulfilled and which aren’t
    • The time re-ordering cancelled orders or sourcing new Amazon accounts to do so


  • The cost of negative eBay feedback and impact on your seller metrics from delayed order fulfilment

    Your seller metrics can have a huge impact on how much you’re able to charge.
    If you have 100% positive feedback and top rated seller status, then with non-API software you can charge up to 15% – 20% front end profit. But, if you get negative reviews because of cancelled Amazon orders, you won’t rank as high in the search results and you’ll be forced to charge a lower margin. Is it worth the risk?


  • Is the cost of uncertainty preventing you from scaling?

    How much faster would you scale up if you felt certain that your orders were always being taken care of?
    When you’re constantly worrying about what might happen if you grow bigger and face an Amazon account suspension, then it strongly disincentives you to grow. One of the best things about using our managed account service is not just that it provides certainty and stability, but it frees your time and focus on improving other parts of your dropshipping operation and growing faster.


Mix and match to maximise profit AND business stability!


We don’t hide the fact that our managed account service doesn’t include tax exemptions or discounts that you may get from using gift cards. However, if you currently benefit from either of these on your existing Amazon accounts you can choose to continue to use them AND our managed account service at the same time. How? By setting filters! 



With our filters, you can make sure we only fulfil your riskiest and highest value orders while you benefit from extra profit on lower value, or lower volumes of orders.  Set the exact maximum order price that you want to fulfil yourself, or limit the total number of orders and we’ll automatically handle the rest. It’s your choice how many or how few orders you fulfil, and the level of risk you’re comfortable taking. 


How to setup Salefreaks Managed Account Service


To be part of our managed account service, you’ll need to be a member of Salefreaks. 


Not already a member? Click here to sign up!


  1. Log in to the console, then from the dashboard, click the “Join Managed Accounts” button.

Plans for managed account services from salefreaks


  1. Read the Terms & Conditions, and if you agree, click “Enable”

managed account programe by salefreaks


How to top-up your managed account balance

  1. Go to the My Balance menu, and select “Managed Account Balance”
  2. Enter how much credit you’d like to purchase – For example, typing 1000 will denote $1000
  3. Choose your preferred payment option and send the payment


eBay managed account balance

Setting your limits


As we talked about earlier in this article, you can set filters if you want to mix and match your Amazon order fulfilment between the managed account service and your own Amazon accounts.


To do so, head to the global settings tab and scroll down to the section titled “Managed Accounts”. Here, you’ll find 2 filters.


  1. You can decide that only orders that are equal or above a specific cost will be fulfilled by the managed account system. 
  2. You can limit the amount of orders placed daily by the managed account service 


eBay dropshipping


Once enabled, your orders will start being processed by our system. When browsing your orders within Salefreaks, you can easily identify which orders have been fulfilled by our service as the Amazon account name will show as “Managed Account”.


managed amazon account settings with salefreaks


Having trouble with Amazon account suspensions? Here are some other resources that might help! 

amazon account suspension chart


Dropshippers Guide to Unlock Amazon Account
Thanks for reading. If you have any questions about our Amazon managed account service, please contact our live chat support who will be happy to assist you!

Chris Garrett Content Editor
Chris Garrett
Content Editor

Chris is Salefreaks’ rockstar content editor. In addition to his work as a SaaS copywriter for various software clients, he enjoys playing chess and travelling. All views expressed in the articles are that of the company.

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