AMZL & TBA tracking numbers – How to share tracking with eBay buyers for parcels being delivered by Amazon Logistics

25 October 2018
Chris Garrett

One of the biggest benefits of selling Amazon products on eBay is the super fast PRIME delivery service.


Customers love receiving their items within a couple of days, whilst you get lots of positive feedback about how fast your shipping is. It’s a win-win situation really.


But when it comes to parcel tracking, there are a few small problems you might experience, and it goes something like this…

Amazon to eBay dropshipping with Amazon Logistics tracking number

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To deliver an order, Amazon will sometimes use couriers arranged by themselves, this they call Amazon Logistics [or AMZL, AMZL US, AMZL MX, etc]. For these deliveries you’ll also be provided with a tracking number; in the USA it’s typically TBA followed by 12 numbers [e.g. TBA367291671000], in the UK it’s 1 letter [Q, H or A] followed by 11 numbers [e.g. Q27337631893].


But unlike tracking numbers from most other couriers, only the Amazon account holder can actually track items shipped by Amazon Logistics.


Typically, this can lead to 3 main problems:


Problem 1 – You can’t achieve Top Rated Seller or Top Rated Seller Plus status


eBay’s Top Rated Seller programmes offer some great benefits such as a reduction in final value fees, a boost in “best match” search results and a badge that builds trust.


eBay top rated seller badge


Unfortunately part of the program requires that you upload a valid tracking number with at least one carrier scan recorded and validated by eBay within your stated handling time on 90% of all transactions. But given that eBay cannot check carrier scans for Amazon TBA tracking numbers, this is currently impossible to achieve.


Problem 2 – You have to deal with more customer service queries


Have you ever been so excited to receive an item that you’ve sat at home refreshing your tracking information every 30 seconds, hoping for an update?


Or maybe you can think of a time you’ve been waiting patiently for a delivery, only for the courier to reschedule the delivery?


When customers can track their items, they often deal with the hassles of receiving deliveries by themselves. Like, if they know they won’t be in, they’ll arrange a different time with the courier or ask for it to be delivered to a neighbor.


But because customers cannot track an Amazon Logistics parcel, you end up being the middleman, receiving lots more customer service messages to deal with. Like:


The easy to solve but mundane query: “Hey when will my item arrive?”


The needy customer: “Hey I’m going to be out on Saturday from 6am-8pm, and Monday 3pm-5pm so can you arrange delivery for 5:21pm on Monday”


The impatient customer: “Hey, my order still hasn’t arrived, where is it now?”


If you receive too many customer service queries that result in overall bad buyer experiences, eBay might suspend your account.


Problem 3 – You’ll lose cases if you can’t prove an item was delivered


Lost cases = lost money, so this is by far your biggest and most costly problem.


If a case is opened against you, and you only have the Amazon Logistics tracking number, there’s no way to show eBay or the customer that it’s been shipped/delivered so eBay will rule against you in cases.


It’s even been reported that some buyers know they can win cases if you just provide an Amazon TBA tracking number, so purposefully open cases when it happens.


Luckily, there’s a solution!


At Salefreaks, we’ve teamed up with Bluecare Express . This means that Salefreaks members can turn Amazon Logistics / AMZL tracking numbers into Bluecare Express tracking numbers.


The items will still be delivered by Amazon’s couriers, but now, you’ll have a tracking number & carrier combination that can be searched and tracked online so you’ll start winning cases and dealing with less customer service issues, making it easier to run your eBay dropshipping business without the risk of suspension.


Here’s an example in action:


  1. An order arrives on eBay – and Salefreaks automatically orders and ships the product from Amazon to your customer (for auto-order members).

SaleFreaks auto-ordering

  1. Salefreaks converts the Amazon Logistics / AMZL tracking number into a Bluecare Express tracking number

Amazon Logistics tracking number to Bluecare Express tracking number conversion

  1. Your customer uses this tracking number online to get up to date information on the location of their item(s); this can be via the Bluecare Express website or one of the many partner sites that are the first results of Googling ‘Bluecare Express tracking’.

Bluecare Express tracking


  1. As Bluecare Express is a validated carrier on eBay, you’ll also be eligible to achieve Top Rated Seller status!

Bluecare Express validated carrier on eBay

In conclusion, this solution means that:

  • You’ll win cases on eBay under “buyer didn’t receive item”.  If this happens, you can simply add the Bluecare Express carrier name and tracking number [and send the Bluecare Express URL] to the case to prove otherwise.
  • You’ll reduce fraudulent claims and cases against you from buyers that target Amazon to eBay dropshippers.
  • The majority of your mundane customer service queries you receive about where the item is, if it’s been shipped and when it will arrive will disappear! Customers will now do the work for you.
  • You’ll be eligible to achieve Top Rated Seller status! This can make you appear more reputable to buyers, boost your sales ranking and let you get reduced final value fees.


Want more information? Check out our video below:



If these sound like things you want for your Amazon to eBay business, why not try Salefreaks completely free for 14 days, click here to get started.

Chris Garrett Content Editor
Chris Garrett
Content Editor

Chris is Salefreaks’ rockstar content editor. In addition to his work as a SaaS copywriter for various software clients, he enjoys playing chess and travelling. All views expressed in the articles are that of the company.

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