Daily Transaction to Collect Daily Ball’s & Win Multiple Rewards

19 January 2021
Saira Naseem

Google Pay’s offered to all consumers for Gully Cricket. Win the qualifying transactions a Gully cricket ball. To unlock the deal for the next 15 days, tap Google Pay Gully Cricket Banner. Please note that one jobs a day should only be done and only one ball collected a day.


Daily Transaction to Collect Daily Ball’s & Win Multiple Rewards


To get the maximal cashback, play Google Pay cricket games every day with this bid. Mobile & DTH charges, electricity charges payments, and charging codes are available for purchases or assignments and payments to Google Pay QR codes in local shops. You can pay for the merchant daily without paying any money on this sale. Gully Cricket Ball Daily is available.


How to Play Pay Cricket Game for Google?

Open Pay App for Google.

Go to the app’s deals feature.

In the specified categories, start the transaction.

Rs.25 or higher should be the standard.

In each group, you’ll catch 1 ball every day.

Grab 15 balls for 15 days and win prizes. Play 15 days.


Eligible transactions offered by Google Pay IPL Complete qualifying purchases through various transactions to receive regular incentives from the cricket offering of Google Pay. For any qualifying purchase, the minimum transaction should be Rs. 25. The offer will include smartphone charging, SRD charging, billing for power, Googles Play charging as well as Google Pay marketing QR code transactions. Mobile charging DTH Charge for electricity Recharge code for Google Play Payment of Google commercial QR code.


How do I get Blue Gully Balls from Google Pay?


How do I get Blue Gully Balls from Google Pay


Get the 2nd, 5th, 9th, 12th, 14th, and 15th Ball blue cricket ball with your Google Pay Crickets Game to prevent you from missing the game every day. To catch all balls, you have to pay regularly. You will get a scratch card worth Rs. 1700 when you catch all of the 6 blue cricket balls. You will get the cashback from Rs. 185 to Rs. 1700 in the form of a scratch card. Scratch Card for Google Pay Cricket You have the chance to win up to Rs. 300 while gathering 7th, 10th, and 13th Ball. A scratch card worth Rs. 5 to Rs. 100 is available for each ball. You will win a total of Rs. 300 with the three scratch cards.


Google Pay IPL Cricket Stamp Terms and Conditions Proposal One day, one Gully Cricket Ball can be collected for 15 days Please collect up to 15 cricket Gully Balls for the time of sale. To be qualified for a bid, any transaction must be above Rs 25 Up to 1 Gully cricket ball can be earned each day. You should apply some cash back to the Google Pay bank account. If you do not have a bank account linked, your cashback expires after 45 days.



An often used UPI payment service is Google Pay. The app is also popular with consumers with various promotions and competitions regularly. Google Pay cricket is a competition that is periodically launched to reward people. Before that, the Google Pay Tez Shots payment app was presented where users have been paid for scores. In Google Pay, the cricket game allows users to score runs to earn coupons worth up to Rs. 3,300. Google Pay now has a new cricket game in place.


The format will be different this time. To win up to Rs. 200 to Rs. 2000, users must complete separate transactions. The deal is applicable for 15 days while the customer has various purchases to complete. A Gully cricket ball is given to any transaction recipient. To win up to 2 000 Rs, the user has to catch all Gully Cricket balls. During the game, there are several milestones for rewarding users.


So, the guys are all concerned with the deal from Google Pay Gully Cricket. We hope you’ve begun to play. You can receive up to Rs. 2,000 cashbacks with the bid. Remember to take part every day to improve your winning odds. As the deal is only available for 15 days the amount from rs. 200 to rs. 2,000 has to be paid every day. Just Android is available for Tez Shots. You must have version 34.0.001 RC01 of Google Play or higher to play.


You’ll find the game Tez Shots under promotions until you have the new update. All you have to do is to open the app, go to the game, open the interface, tap ‘Play Now.’ Tap. At the level, on the left and the bottom, you find your highest ranking. Underneath is a bat symbol of the player swinging on the bat. Now, when the bowler bowls, just put it on the bat. You can do single or double runs, reach a limit of six, it depends on how long you swing.


Rewards for Tez Shots:

You get a scratch card worth RS 50 after your full score crosses the benchmark of 100 runs. Likewise, you earn a scratch card up to Rs 100 if you have a max score of 500. You then gain scratch cards up to Rs 150, Rs 1,000 and Rs 2,000, respectively, for 1,000, 2,000 and 3,000 races. Now, you don’t like scratch cards anymore and winning. Instead, you get a smartphone charging scratch card, bills, etc. Often, the highest number you can earn is the scratch card. So, go ahead and try Tez Shots if you have an Android phone. You could be lucky to get a few more bucks.

Two questions are asked several times by the wishers who wish to play google pay cricket.


How do I play cricket with Google?

A new cricket deal before IPL 2021 has been launched by Google Pay. To play the GP user, qualifying transactions must be completed. A Gully Cricket Ball will be sent to each transaction recipient. In the 15 days to win to Rs. 2 000, the user shall collect all 15 balls.


How do I get 51 Google Rupees?

Google Pay has a fantastic recommendation and rewards customer’s scheme. Sign up for Rs. 51 after the first transaction with the Google Pay reference code. New users are offered. You may also share the referral code for each good invitation with friends to make money. So, this is all about the daily transactions and the rewards.

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