How to Unlock your Amazon Account – A Guide for Dropshippers

04 September 2018
Chris Garrett

There are few things more annoying as a dropshipper than if your Amazon account gets locked – particularly if you rely on Amazon as the main supplier for your business.


It’s the kind of thing that can easily paralyze your business and leave you:

  • Unable to access your orders and see which have been fulfilled…
  • Unable to answer customer queries about when their items will arrive…
  • Unsure if you’ll be able to access your gift card balance again…


Luckily if your Amazon account information is real, the majority of accounts can be unlocked.


We know because over the years we’ve helped over 100 dropshippers successfully unlock their accounts and get their businesses’ back on track.


And today we’re going to share with you how you can do it too, including the strategies we use, the exact script of what you should say and then give you an invite to our exclusive Facebook group for guiding you through the entire process.


Sounds good? Read on 🙂



Why are Amazon accounts normally locked?


In our experience, there are 3 main reasons that Amazon will lock your account.


But in addition, there are 2 widely believed reasons that usually have no bearing on your account being locked.


So let’s look at these myths first.


Myth 1: Amazon lock accounts of dropshippers for heavy usage of PRIME


Myth 2: Amazon lock accounts because they don’t agree with dropshipping


Reality: Amazon gets millions in sales (and dollars) every year thanks to dropshippers. They get their Amazon branded packaging in the hands of new customers and gain sales on competing platforms too. What’s not to love?


The problem with these myths is that it often causes people to be untruthful when they talk to Amazon because they fear they’ve broken their rules so they enter fake information or tell lies which actually makes the situation near impossible to rectify.


As you’re about to see, Amazon doesn’t want to make it harder to get orders from you. The real reasons that Amazon lock accounts are much more to do with protecting customers from fraud and money laundering.  


Here they are:



Failed Credit Card Verification


If you’ve previously had an Amazon account suspended, you may be tempted to enter fake billing details or use someone else’s credit card when opening a new account. And whilst it might seem like a smart move at the time, it usually proves to be the very opposite.


You see, when you add a credit card to your Amazon account, they’ll check if the billing address registered with your card provider matches the default address on your Amazon account. And if it doesn’t then prepare to have your account locked very quickly.


This isn’t Amazon trying to be evil, this is simply Amazon trying to prevent potential fraud. Amazon sells around $200bn/year so it makes sense to invest in robust systems to prevent customers from being defrauded.



Suspicious Gift Card Activity


Dropshippers love buying gift cards to purchase items. But to Amazon, gift cards are equivalent to cash on their platform so they have to police them tightly.


With Amazon having the widest range of products of any retailer in the world, it has become a prime (no pun intended) target for money launderers that want to turn cash into items.


This leads to 2 big triggers that usually alert Amazon to lock an account when dealing with gift cards.


Unusually heavy usage of gift cards – Buying and redeeming large values of gift cards can seem unusual so Amazon will want to verify your reasons for it.


Opening a new account – If someone goes onto Amazon, opens a PRIME account and the first thing they do is buy a gift card, this will cause an immediate lock on your Amazon account.


Again, Amazon isn’t trying to be evil. They simply need to comply with various money laundering regulations around the world. At the end of the day, they love your money and want your orders as much as you want to buy from them.



Multiple IP Addresses In Different Locations


Opening your Amazon account in one location, then making lots of purchases with an IP address in another location can make Amazon start to think “how’s this possible?” and “has your account been hacked?”.


We’ve had phone conversations with Amazon where they’ve specifically told us that the account was locked because it was created in the USA, but then gift cards were being purchased thousands of miles away via an IP address located in the Netherlands.


Because of this, international dropshippers should be wary of accessing and buying gift cards with their local IP address or using software that logs in from one location when you order from another.


Verification details for your Amazon account


When you contact Amazon to unlock your account, they’ll usually ask for your credit card statement with your billing address on it – showing the transactions made on Amazon (via fax), and also sometimes a copy of ID, bill or credit card details.


If the information you entered originally on your Amazon account is correct, there should be nothing to worry about by giving these details and it’ll quickly resolve your Amazon issues. But do be aware that if you’ve entered fake information, there is little chance of having your account unlocked. Instead, you should scroll down and read how to prevent future accounts being locked.



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How to contact Amazon and what to say


There are 3 main ways to contact Amazon:

  • Phone (recommended)
  • Chat
  • Email



Step 1: (US accounts) Phone Amazon on +1 (206)-266-2992. When you get to the answering machine choose option 2 – Prime Members


Step 2: Ask for a supervisor and provide the verification details when asked


Step 3: Explain that your account was blocked by mistake after you purchased products and that you need an account specialist to review your details and reinstate your account.



Step 1: Login to an active Amazon account (you can simply open a new Amazon account, there’s no need to have PRIME on it)


Step 2: Ask for a supervisor and provide the verification details when asked


Step 3: Explain that your account was blocked by mistake after you purchased products and that you need an account specialist to review your details and reinstate your account



Step 1: Go to the account sign in form, and click on “Need help?” then “Other issues with sign in”.


Amazon login screen

Step 2: Select “I cannot sign in to my account” and a prompt will appear allowing you to email Amazon.


can't login to Amazon account

Step 3: Copy and amend the following template:


Email template to unlock Amazon account

To whom it may concern, My account,, was shut down with no prior notice or reason. I have a significant gift card balance on this account and need access to these funds immediately. Since state laws prohibit my gift cards from expiring, please let me know what steps to take to regain access to these funds.


The billing address of my last order is XXX and the receipient is XXX





Who can unlock an Amazon account?


Regular customer service representatives can’t unlock your Amazon account. This is why in all the scripts above, you’ll likely need to request a supervisor or account specialist.


There are only 2 ways your account can be unlocked:

  1. If you speak to an account specialist directly on the phone (if you’re in the US, a specialist will normally call you, but if it’s an international account it’s less likely).
  2. If you speak with a supervisor and manager to confirm all the details they request.


How to handle the account after it’s unlocked


Unlocking your Amazon account is great, but with these super important tips, you should be able to prevent it from being locked again in the future.

  • Make sure your default Amazon address matches the billing address on your credit card
  • Use this guide to understand the most likely reason your account was locked in the first place and don’t repeat it (if in doubt – ask Amazon!) Example: if you purchased a gift card to buy items and got suspended for doing it, use a credit card instead.
  • Use dropshipping software that is able to delete addresses from your address book on Amazon (or make sure to do it yourself after fulfilling orders).
  • Don’t try to buy things for yourself on the same Amazon account that you’re dropshipping from
  • Don’t keep more than 1 credit card on file with Amazon at one time



Common questions about unlocking an Amazon account


How do I find out which orders were shipped from my blocked account and which orders were not?


Our suggestion is to simply call Amazon and ask them a detailed report of your last 30 days orders since you can’t access your account. For Salefreaks users you can simply log in and filter your orders to find out.


How do I handle the orders which were not fulfilled?


This will depend on the software you’re using. If you’re having trouble getting your account unlocked you could call Amazon for details of orders that aren’t shipped and try to manually fulfill them. If you’re a Salefreaks user, once your account is reinstated, go to “purchase issues” to place the orders.


If I provided false information, am I likely to have my account unlocked?


Sadly this is very unlikely. What you can do is read this guide to learn how to prevent your future Amazon accounts from being locked.  


How can I handle returns from a locked Amazon account?


Good question! Here’s a nifty trick we found.


Enter a different, self-owned Amazon account and login to the following URL:


Then choose the option to return a gift, and you’ll receive a return label. Do not do this from your main ordering account.


What should I do if Amazon asks for a phone bill or a copy of the passport of the account owner?


Send it to them, the faster you get this resolved the quicker you’ll be back in business.


Join our exclusive “Unlock your Amazon Account” Facebook group for free guidance through the entire process

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