12 Unbelievable eBay Dropshipping Statistics – Can you really make money dropshipping on eBay in 2019?

24 June 2019
Chris Garrett

So you’ve been reading about eBay dropshipping.


Perhaps it sounds interesting to you…but you want some real numbers. 


It’s hard to find genuine, up-to-date statistics on the web (we know, we looked!) so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to give you some hard facts and figures on eBay dropshipping.


Using our internal data, you can decide for yourself whether you can make good money dropshipping on eBay in 2019. SPOILER ALERT: You definitely can!


According to ExpandedRamblings, eBay has 180 million active buyers which represent a HUGE audience for dropshippers. In addition, the auction site hosts 1.2 billion listings and generated a mammoth $95 billion in sales in 2018. 


So, what about eBay dropshipping? 


Here are 12 crazy-but-true statistics based on our in-house data:


  1. The top 10% of eBay dropshippers make on average $7,731/month profit – that’s a whopping $92,772/year! So what could you do with an extra $100,000? How about buying a top-of-the-line jet pack, or Kobe Bryant’s NBA Championship rings from 2000? The choice is yours!
  2. That’s the top 10%, but what about Mr. Average eBay Dropshipper? Well, he/she/it is making $807 profit/month, which is a modest $9,684/year. It can’t get you a top-of-the-line jetpack, but it could buy you 2,500 Big Macs! Although, we definitely don’t advise you doing that…

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  1. A quarter of eBay dropshippers are making more than $1,000 profit/month – which is very good considering most are doing it as a side-hustle.
  2. The average eBay dropshipper is making $2.67 profit on every sale. The top 10% are making $3.64 profit on each sale, while on the flip side of the coin, the bottom 10% are making a loss of $2.53.
  3. The average sales conversion rate – (that’s the number of sales divided by the number of the eBay listings) – is 12.1%.
  4. The average eBay dropshipper processes 969 orders/month, whereas the top 10% are handling 4,759! That’s 159 orders EVERY DAY or 7 every hour.
  5. The dropshipping industry is a star seemingly on the rise – total dropshipping transactions on eBay grew by 146% from 2016-2018. 
  6. In general, eBay dropshipping has lower profit margins than other forms of e-commerce. The average front-end profit margin for eBay dropshippers is 6% while the average for e-commerce is around 30-40%.
  7. Amazon to eBay dropshipping, (also known as eBay retail arbitrage) is buying items on Amazon to sell at a higher price on eBay. Amazon to eBay dropshippers spend an average of $9,821 on Amazon products/month before selling them on eBay for $12,066!
  8. The biggest fees for eBay dropshippers are from eBay and PayPal. Every month, the average eBay dropshipper spends a chunky $1,078 in eBay fees and $479 in PayPal fees
  9. It turns out, people like to buy more things in January, but at a lower cost. eBay dropshippers handled 7% more transactions in January 2019 than in December 2018. However, the total value of those sales was only 1% higher. Gotta love those January sales!


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  1. Did you know cashback is an additional source of profit for eBay dropshippers? In fact, according to our data, eBay dropshippers are making an average of $693/month in cashback profit. Not a bad little top-up.


That’s a lot of numbers. Hopefully, you don’t feel like you’ve woken up inside a calculator!


Are there any more statistics you’d like to know? Let us know in the comments!



unbelievable ebay dropshiping benefits with salefreaks


Chris Garrett Content Editor
Chris Garrett
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