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21 March 2019
Chris Garrett

flagged ebay account


At Salefreaks, we talk to hundreds of dropshippers.


Yet over time, we’ve noticed the most successful dropshippers possess one trait, much more than others: the ability to adapt to changes.



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Like every business, the eBay dropshipping industry encounters new changes all the time. eBay introduce new policies, suppliers introduce new policies and new methods of finding items are constantly discovered.


Today I want to talk about one big policy change from eBay – the so-called dropshipping “flag”.




In this article, we’ll show you the changes you need to make to your business and the strategy you should follow to succeed if your eBay account is flagged for dropshipping.





What is an eBay flagged account?


Starting from 2018, eBay decided to display the listings of dropshippers lower in the search results. This so-called “dropshipper flag” is automatically applied when eBay detects you’re dropshipping and will usually lower your impressions (or views) by around 70%.


You can see this in the seller graphs below:


flagged ebay account statistics


Scary? Yes!


But can you still make a good income with eBay dropshipping? Yes!


We are going to talk about some proven strategies for making money in the new eBay flagged account era.


Common questions about eBay flagged accounts


Before we get into talking about item strategies and the changes you need to make, here are some common questions about flagged eBay accounts.


How can I check if my eBay account has been flagged?


The easiest way is to go into your eBay seller account and look at the graphs showing the number of impressions and views your listings have. Everyone can have a day of slow sales, but if you notice a large drop in your views and impressions that is sustained over time then the chances are that your account has been flagged.


How does eBay detect that I am dropshipping and flag my account? / Did eBay flag me due to the item location of my listings?


While there has been much speculation on Facebook groups about this, no-one really knows the method that eBay use to detect accounts (other than eBay!).


The truth is, most people that ask this question do so because they want to avoid being flagged – which is the wrong approach. If you are dropshipping your account will eventually be flagged, but as we’ll show in this article, it’s not the end of the world! It just means you need to change your strategy.


Can I get my eBay dropshipping account “unflagged”?


No, eBay will not do this.


How long does it take until eBay will flag me for dropshipping?


eBay usually takes around 1 month from when you start dropshipping to flag your account.


How to make money if your eBay account is flagged


Change #1 Play with bigger numbers and scale quicker


The logic is simple.


If your eBay account gets flagged and your impressions fall by ~70%, then to get back to where you were you need to increase your amount of listings by ~70% too.


The big change here is that in the past you may have been able to build a decent dropshipping business with a small number of listings, but in 2019 and beyond, you need to shift your focus on being able to scale quickly.


One way to do this is by employing a team of assistants to work with you on your store. Then, when you open a new eBay store, you can scale very quickly by outsourcing tasks. For helpful tips on hiring and managing virtual assistants, check out Dropship Tyler’s advice on creating training videos.



Change #2 Improve your mindset


You can have the best software in the world, and even the right strategy too, but you won’t succeed in the eBay flagged account era without a bullet-proof mindset to match it.


Why? With eBay throttling and flagging dropshippers’ accounts, you need to be prepared to work a bit harder than before and be willing to deal with a few more setbacks along the way. All of which is easier said than done.


Here are a few examples of mindset shifts you need if you want to be a success:


Important Mindset Shifts


Before: “I can list a few items in a few clicks and make money overnight”


Now: “If I’m patient, consistent and work hard, I know the results will follow”


The type of people that start dropshipping on eBay and wanted instant results are now even less likely to be successful. But for those that are patient and willing to work hard, it means less competition and a better chance of success.


Before: “I’m going to quit because eBay/Amazon/PayPal closed my account”


Now: “Any business has setbacks, I’ll learn from it and start another account”


The ability to deal with problems is now more important than ever before. To succeed, you need to be able to keep going without getting too disheartened if something unexpected happens. It’s very common to experience an eBay account closure, and PayPal holding your money. A lot of people quit when faced with such problems, but if you stay positive and stick with it, you can become successful.


Before: “There are lots of tasks that only I can handle”


After: “I’ll outsource and automate as many low-value tasks as I can so I can scale quicker”


In the flagged account era, you’ll struggle to make a decent income if you want to do everything yourself and handle only a few hundred listings – instead, you need thousands of listings.


But scaling to thousands of listings means handling more customer service tickets, finding more items to sell, spending more time optimizing your store etc.


That’s why it’s now even more important to delegate or automate as many tasks as possible – otherwise, you’ll never scale, and you’ll never make any money.


Before: “I’ll keep my business to myself as much as possible”


After: “There are millions of items to sell online. I’ll learn quicker and scale faster by discussing my ideas and strategies and learning new ideas from other people”


With the eBay dropshipping business changing so fast, you need to be able to learn new ideas, methods, and strategies quickly. If you don’t, you’ll quickly find that the tactics you use don’t work anymore and become outdated.


It’s normal to feel a bit secretive about your business, but by getting a mentor, or engaging in a community you’ll start learning far more than if everyone just kept themselves to themselves.



Change #3 Increase the importance of back-end profits


When you start scaling and listing 10,000, 50,000 or even 100,000+ items on eBay, there’s a high chance that most of the items you list will have a few competitors.


So as you scale higher, you need to lower your front-end profit margin to attract sales while making more money from back-end profits.


– – – – – –

Helpful Info




Front-end profit: This is the profit made subtracting the selling price of the item, from the costs of supplying the item.




Your selling price on eBay: $50
The item cost from your supplier: $40
Other upfront fees (e.g. eBay fees) : $4
Front-end profit = $6


Back-end profit: Additional indirect profit – usually made after the item is sold




Your selling price on eBay: $50
The item cost from your supplier: $40


To pay the supplier, you use a 5% cashback credit card = $2 profit


When purchasing from the supplier, you use a cashback website offering a 3% rebate = $1.20


Total back-end profit = $3.20


– – – – –


Here are 3 ways that you can increase your back-end profits (plus one bonus method!) :

  • Cashback websites – Using sites like Mr Rebates nets you extra bit of back-end profit (with Salefreaks this functionality is built into the software)
  • Discounted Gift cards – You can pay for your orders using Amazon gift-cards which can give you even more back-end profit. Find suppliers online that sell Amazon gift cards at a discounted price.
  • Cashback credit cards – For sellers in the USA, you can use the Amazon cashback credit-card to get an extra 5% back-end profit on Amazon orders. There are other cashback credit cards in different locations such as the American Express Platinum Cashback Card in the U.K. which can give 1-1.25% cash back on purchases.
  • Bonus Tip: Use HipShipper to ship international ordersHipShipper is a new way to ship orders to international destinations. The main benefits of using it compared to eBay’s Global Shipping Program include that it’s cheaper and available in more countries – therefore you can make a tidy profit on the shipping costs and sell to more markets! To use HipShipper you’ll need to signup for an account and link it to your listing software. Once set up, orders are sent to HipShipper’s fulfillment center who forward it on to your customer for you. See how Salefreaks integrates with Hipshipper.



3 profitable item strategies to use in the eBay flagged accounts era


With eBay lowering the ranking of dropshippers’ listings, certain methods that may have previously worked to find items are less effective. Here are 3 methods you can use to find items for your eBay store.


The Salefreaks Item Locator


The first method is the Salefreaks item locator.


The main benefit with the locator is that it’s very easy to start listing thousands of items at a time and scale quickly which are two very important things to succeed when you’re flagged.


Watch our video below on how the locator works:



A simplified step-by-step summary:

  1. Go to Amazon
  2. Choose a subcategory with 10,000 or less items
  3. Paste the Amazon URL into the Salefreaks Locator, and click scan now
  4. Sit back and let the locator scan the items!
  5. Filter the results – For example, select “hot” items or above and a front-end profit of 4-5% – then click “show results”
  6. Click “Export Results” and “Generate”


How to use the Salefreaks Locator with flagged accounts:

  • List items ranked “hot” “very hot” or “super hot”
  • Constantly list items, delete items and work on your store. Do not expect to just push 10,000 items in a day and instantly get a huge amount of sales. However, you will get sales when you delete items that don’t sell and continue to optimize your store on a daily and monthly basis. It’s best to delete any item that hasn’t sold in the last 60 days.
  • Allocate 35% of your listings to the Salefreaks Locator.


Not a member of Salefreaks? Click here to try it free for 14 days!


Amazon Warehouse Items


Amazon Warehouse items (also called open-box items) are quality used items that are returned by customers to Amazon and resold by them at a discounted price.


So why are selling these items now even more effective than before?

  • eBay’s dropshipping flag means you’ll rank lower in search rankings, therefore it’s harder to compete with items with high levels of competition. At the same time, Amazon Warehouse items are listed by very few dropshippers so there’s very little competition for these items.
  • Because you’ll appear lower in search rankings, it’s more important now to compete on price. Amazon Warehouse items are already discounted so represent good value for buyers.


Watch our video below on how to list Amazon Warehouse items:



To list Amazon Warehouse items with Salefreaks, you need a Platinum plan


How to list Amazon Warehouse items with flagged accounts:

  • Allocate around 30% of your items to Amazon Warehouse items
  • There are 4 item categories “Acceptable” “Good” “Very Good” and “Like New” – We advise only listing the best quality “Like New” items as otherwise you might face a higher rate of returns.
  • Aim for a higher profit margin on Amazon Warehouse items
  • Don’t list cold items as they’re often out of stock


Using bulk scanning/sniping tools


The final method is a very simple sniping method where you find any item that has been selling at least 3 times/month on eBay and list it with your own profit margin, undercutting the competition.


To do this, you scan sellers using the bulk scanner tool from ZIK Analytics, and then export the items and list them with Salefreaks.


If you don’t have ZIK Analytics, you may wish to use the Salefreaks Sales Hunter instead. This is Salefreaks’ own sniping tool which you can sign up and try for free.



How to use a sniping tool with flagged accounts:

  • Allocate around 35% of sniping items from competitors
  • Before eBay’s account flagging, you could use this method on a small scale and not list more than 10,000 items. But now, you can focus on scaling it up much more to continue to make high profits.
  • ZIK Analytics integrates well with Salefreaks and other listing software so it’s easy to export and list items.


Thanks for reading –– Ready to join Salefreaks? Click here

Chris Garrett Content Editor
Chris Garrett
Content Editor

Chris is Salefreaks’ rockstar content editor. In addition to his work as a SaaS copywriter for various software clients, he enjoys playing chess and travelling. All views expressed in the articles are that of the company.


  • My name is Izuchukwu, am new to Dropshipping on eBay, I was given 50 items to list in eBay free, so I list 10 items on eBay, trying to list the 11 items eBay said I have finish the list for the month, now am confused because I was given 50 items to list this month, so why then I can just list only 10, is it that my account is been flagged or is it the new policy??

  • Gaml

    you say” His latest eBay US store is just 2 months old but makes $60,000/mo in sales from 50,000 listings”
    just wondering about that, how he could have 50.000 listings, Since there was an eBay limitation on the number of lists on New accounts..

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