Salefreaks non-API eBay dropshipping software is here!

25 February 2020
Chris Garrett

Today is a very exciting day for Salefreaks.


Along with our newly revamped website, we’re officially launching our non-API software to the public. Here is the signup link for anyone that wants to join.


So how did we get here?


Way back in March 2019, with much secrecy, we started working with a few selected sellers to develop software that could dropship on eBay without connecting to their API, resulting in up to 10X more sales than other eBay dropshippers.


Fast forward to today, and we’ve witnessed some incredible results:

  • Over 1,000 eBay accounts connected
  • 200,000+ listings
  • 1,500 daily orders
  • Over $500,000 front-end profit generated!
  • ZERO flagged accounts


Just take a look at a couple of our users…


This member started selling on eBay U.K. with our non-API software just a few months ago. And in that time, she’s scaled her business to almost £7,000/mo of profit with only 11,000 items.


Salefreaks Non-API


Or how about the member below who has made over $190,000 profit (no typo) in less than a year of working with our non-API solution – with just 40,000 listings.


Salefreaks Non-API


These dropshippers worked hard, but this isn’t magic


In fact, we attribute their success to 2 main reasons.


Firstly, they’ve avoided being flagged which means they get much higher listing visibility compared to other dropshippers – bringing them up to 10x more sales!


And secondly, unlike all other dropshippers, they have access to our completely unique non-API software that:

  • Actually Scales – Even if you don’t already have an unflagged eBay account, we can still help you scale if you contact us.
  • Is Fully Automated 
  • Doesn’t rely on eBay’s file exchange system or a browser extension 
  • Has nearly all the features of our main API software 


Today we’re opening our new Signup to anyone who wants to join. You can try all our features, and list up to 500 items without paying a cent.


Click here to join sign up for non-API


We’ve completely reinvented what non-API software means


Up until this point, dropshippers that have wanted to go non-API have been stuck with 2 really bad options.



  1. Manual dropshipping – eBay dropshipping without software


The main challenge with manual dropshipping is that it’s incredibly hard to scale into a profitable business.


When you use dropshipping software, most basic functions like fulfilling orders, checking for price changes and creating listings are done for you in the background. But if you’re dropshipping manually, functions like these become your responsibility instead.


If you have 50 listings, you might be able to cope with uploading listings, checking every few hours for supplier price changes and fulfilling orders.


But if you have ambitions to grow to multiple stores or thousands of listings, it becomes unmanageable, with the only real option to scale being to hire a small army of virtual assistants to help. 


eBay dropshipping without non-API software

Great for invasions, but not so great at scaling a manual dropshipping business.


Virtual assistants are lovely people, but the problem when you start adding lots of them is that in creeps the possibility of human error, the huge on-going business expenses and the challenges of managing a large team of remote workers.


Plus don’t forget that while customers can place orders on eBay 24/7, even your own personal army of VA’s can’t monitor every listing every second of the day. And the bigger you try to scale, the more noticeable it will become that simple tasks that can be automated in seconds with software will take 100’s of hours of time for your team. 


In summary, with manual dropshipping:

  • There’s no easy way to scale 
  • Simple monitoring tasks that software can do instantly, will require an army of virtual assistants to complete once you try to scale 
  • You’re always at danger of sudden supplier price changes affecting the profitability of your orders



  1. Using Chrome Extensions / eBay file exchange


All the current non-API software on the market is semi-automated because it relies on a browser extension and/or eBay’s file exchange system to function.


There are some huge flaws with this approach because:


  • It only works when your computer is on, your browser is running and you’re logged into eBay! 


If any of these 3 things experience disruption, then your business simply grinds to a halt until it’s rectified. So if eBay logs you out for security or inactivity, or you experience a power or internet interruption, or you just don’t want to run a computer 24/7, then bad luck. These outages also increase the risk of receiving orders that you can’t fulfil from your suppliers.


Interruption while dropshiping without non-API software


  • eBay’s file exchange only allows you to process 5,000 records per day.


Unfortunately, this limit isn’t remotely suitable if you have a large eBay account and want to scale up. You can ask eBay to up your limit, but there’s no guarantee of success, and it draws more attention to your account.


  • A browser extension is not a replacement for complete automation


A browser extension might help handle the basics, but it’s simply not able to contain all the advanced features you need to automate and scale a business. 


  • It becomes super costly to run multiple eBay accounts $$$


To scale with non-API, you’re going to need multiple eBay accounts. But if you’re stuck using Chrome extensions, this means you either need multiple computers, or a Virtual Private Server (VPS) for each of them (costing approximately $30/mo each). As you scale your empire, that cost will only get bigger and bigger, sapping away at your margins.


That’s why we built something completely different…



Introducing: Salefreaks non-API


A fully automated and scalable software solution for non-API eBay dropshipping that doesn’t require a browser extension or eBay’s file exchange system.


Let’s break that sentence down.


Fully Automated – With Salefreaks non-API, you get full automation, including:

  • Finding hot items from Amazon using our item locator 
  • Uploading VeRO-scanned listings (Amazon or AliExpress!)
  • Automatic repricing of items to maximise your profit and beat your competition 
  • Automatic order fulfilment and Bluecare Express tracking upload to eBay


Scalable –  With Salefreaks non-API, you can add as many eBay / Amazon accounts as you want! And even if you don’t currently have an unflagged eBay account, we can help you get started if you talk to us.


Doesn’t require a browser extension / eBay’s file exchange system – With Salefreaks non-API, we provide advanced automation features without you needing to worry about leaving your PC on and logged into eBay 24/7.


One more thing that makes the difference too…


Mentoring and exclusive content 


Even if you have no experience of non-API dropshipping, when you upgrade to a paid Salefreaks non-API plan, our mentors will work with you 1-1 to scale up so you can become our next success story.



Salefreaks Non-API


Meet Nate – Our non-API mentor lead


Nate is the brains behind how to scale non-API eBay dropshipping businesses. He personally mentors around 20 students and has created a successful, replicable strategy of how to diversify and scale safely. 



The mentoring service includes:

  • A 1-1 video call with advice on how to get started
  • Regular coaching, advice and encouragement
  • Nate and Rob’s exclusive non-API guide, content and tools (not publicly available!)
  • Access to a private non-API community, and mentoring group


Ready to join?


From today, you can sign up for our non-API software – including all our features!


Click this link to signup, and we’ll see you on the inside.


Chris Garrett Content Editor
Chris Garrett
Content Editor

Chris is Salefreaks’ rockstar content editor. In addition to his work as a SaaS copywriter for various software clients, he enjoys playing chess and travelling. All views expressed in the articles are that of the company.

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