05 October 2020

I’m Harvey, and I started dropshipping as a side hustle at the beginning of 2017, whilst working a lucrative job in the city of London.
It was only when I had joined Salefreaks in mid-2018 that I learnt to truly scale this business through the power of automation and visibility of managing a team which SF provides.
Utilising Salefreaks, I have been able to list over 1,000 products a day on a consistent basis, automate fulfilling orders, and allow multiple VA’s handle tickets using the fantastic CRM system included in the software.
At the beginning of 2020 I was able to leave a lucrative job in the city and focus on dropshipping full time alongside my accountancy business, which speaks volumes about the power of dropshipping and the importance of choosing the right software for automating your business.

Marketing Specialist