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SaleFreaks is an online retail arbitrage tool delivered in plug-in form. Our software helps retailers like buy low on Amazon and sell high on eBay with powerful automation tools.

SaleFreaks automates online retail arbitrage by streamlining every step, from product identification to dropshipping. For a full list of features, check out our Features.

Depending on server load, initial setup usually takes 5 minutes from initial login to full automation.

SaleFreaks operates in the following eBay marketplaces: United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Canada.

We charge a monthly or yearly membership fee as described in our payment plan.

SaleFreaks is a web app designed to run smoothly on virtually any computer operating system. 

No, SaleFreaks does not conflict with other programs.

Although our software is designed for eBay sellers of any size, SaleFreaks is optimized to provide the greatest value to eBay sellers selling at least 50 items

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