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No More Blocked Accounts

The days where you take the hit on blocked Amazon account's are OVER. Use FBS and enjoy fulfillment by a safe, prime Amazon account


Fulfill Your Orders Through Us

A new solution that will provide you order fulfillment at any given price! also available without monitoring your items by SaleFreaks system.


Return Label

You can generate Amazon return labels to be sent to a potential buyer requesting to return an item, without the need to contact our support.


Quantity Limit Free

Gone are the days when Amazon limited you in the number of orders you could process or the amount of money spent on each order.


Live status updates

You can always follow and examine the order's progress and pricing on the system and verify your daily/ monthly profits


Track Your Orders

Unlimited converted tracking to BCE or SF tracking Just import the order file to SF and let us do the work for you. * for FBS only


Secure You Dropshipping Business Today!

Why use Fulfill by SaleFreaks?

  • No more lost accounts with balance inside
  • No more slots cost & no need for proxies
  • No limit on how many orders we can process for you
  • Returns and refunds are handled by SF support team
  • Zero hassle

Auto orders

Unlimited tracking number

24\7 technical support

Balance without extra fees

*$0.2 for each order processed

Limited time offer for monthly subscription a discount of 20%

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SaleFreaks enables dropshipping businesses around the world to fulfill orders through Amazon - Worry-Free

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Jacky Mayfield

Ecommerce Business Owner

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John Finkelde

Drop Shipping Entrepreneur

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Shlomi Ben Shaul

Product Development And Drop Shipping Expert

Using a Different Monitoring System? No Problem!

Fulfill your orders without monitoring by SaleFreaks

We managed to develop a solution that will provide you order fulfillment at any given price and even without monitoring your items by us. With an unlimited order number or order price!