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Dropship on eBay U.S. / U.K. and on Bonanza U.S.

With the most profitable suppliers:

All our main features, included in one simple plan

Supports multiple suppliers and marketplaces

Dropship from the best suppliers, to the biggest eBay marketplaces.

Non-API Listing Creator

Get up to 10x more sales and higher listing visibility with our non-API listing creator v API software.

Amazon Managed Accounts

Fulfil Amazon orders on eBay U.S. with ZERO risk of account suspensions

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Industry-leading VeRO protection

eBay listings scanned with the most comprehensive VeRO list of any software.

Non-API Mentoring & Guides

Become a paid member for 1-1 mentoring along with all our non-API guides.

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Competition-beating repricer

Beat the competition and win more sales with our repricer.

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BlueCare Express Tracking

Automatic uploading of item tracking to eBay.

Free Item Locator

Find high-profit items from Amazon – available at no extra cost.

Unlimited Chat Support

Get unlimited help from our support team or our private communities.

All the features of our plans

Features availableFree Trial (14 days)BronzeGoldPlatinum
Item Plan100100-250500-4,5005,000 and up
Items Locator Scans1,000 dailyItem plan x 10 dailyItem plan x 10 dailyItem plan x 10 daily
Sales Hunter10 Sellers10 Sellers30 Sellers100 Sellers
Item Monitoring
High Profit Item Locator
Auto Repricer
SEO Listing Generator
eBay Messaging CRM
Auto Order
VeRO protection
Get Balance - Amazon Gift Card
Hide UPC
Amazon Cashback
Coupon Hunter
Amazon Business Accounts
Title Optimization Tool
Open-Box Items
ZIK Analytics
Chili Hunter
Youtube Channel
Private Facebook Group
Private Telegram Group
Concierge One on One Onboarding
Dedicated Mentor
Premium Video Resources
Online Chat Support
Knowledge Base
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Mentoring that makes a real difference

Included with all our paid non-API plans

What you get when you upgrade to Salefreaks

  • 1-1 Coaching
  • A video call to help you get started
  • Private Telegram Community
  • Non-API guides & other exclusive content
  • Access to members-only Q&A webinars

Meet our mentors


Online Amazon to eBay Arbitrage Software


Nate and Rob are the lead mentors of Salefreaks non-API. After learning how to scale using non-API and building a 6 figure business themselves, they started mentoring our members and have written non-API guides to show how anyone can do the same.

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“Thanks to Nate and Rob’s non-API strategy, we’ve gone from zero to around $100/day profit in under 4 months”

Matt N, New Salefreaks non-API user

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Frequently Asked Questions


I’m a complete beginner that has never dropshipped on eBay before, should I choose API or non-API?

If you’re a complete beginner, you should choose to use non-API as your eBay account will never have been connected to any dropshipping software in the past and non-API will help you get far more sales!

What do I need to be able to start dropshipping with Salefreaks non-API software?

To use our non-API software, you’ll need an unflagged eBay account – in other words, an eBay account that has never connected to an API dropshipping software in the past. 

  • If you have never used your eBay account to dropship on eBay, you should be fine connecting it to non-API.
  • If you have previously dropshipped on eBay, you can still connect your eBay account to our Non-API service if it has not been connected to an API dropshipping software before – for example, if you’ve either dropshipped without using software or only dropshipped with non-API software.

If the eBay account you’re intending to dropship with has been connected with API dropshipping software and therefore has been flagged, you can still dropship with it, but you should use our API software instead.

What do you mean by a flagged or unflagged eBay account?

Unflagged eBay account – An eBay account that has never been connected with any API dropshipping software in the past. 


Flagged eBay account – An eBay account that has been connected to an API dropshipping software before and has therefore been “flagged” by eBay.

How can I tell if my eBay account has been flagged by eBay for dropshipping?

If you’re not sure if you’ve previously connected your eBay account to an API dropshipping software, do the following:


Log in to your eBay account, then go to Account -> Site Preferences


If you have previously connected your account to an API dropshipping software, you should see the software name listed under “third party authorisations” (as long as you haven’t previously removed it). 


If there is no dropshipping software listed here, your account is likely unflagged, and you can use our non-API service.


What happens if your eBay account has been flagged by eBay?

If your eBay account is flagged for dropshipping, eBay will lower your listings in their search results, meaning they are less visible to buyers. Due to this, you will see a drop in sales compared to other eBay sellers.

What is the difference between API and non-API dropshipping?

If you use software to dropship on eBay, it will need to connect to eBay to make changes to your store. For example, if you want to put a product up for sale, then Salefreaks has to pass that information to eBay to create a product listing.


There are two main methods for doing this, either using eBay’s API, or without using eBay’s API.


API Dropshipping – This is when you use software that connects to eBay’s API to pass information to eBay. 


The main benefit of API dropshipping is that you can use it to dropship with any eBay account. The downside is that when you connect to eBay’s API, they will apply a “flag” to your account to note that you’re a dropshipper. Once this happens, your listings will be displayed lower in the search results and you will get far less sales than other eBay sellers.


Non-API dropshipping – This either means dropshipping without software, or using software to dropship on eBay that doesn’t connect to eBay via their API, but by using other technical means instead.


The main benefit of non-API dropshipping is that eBay won’t detect that you’re dropshipping, and therefore won’t flag your account. This means you can receive 5-10x more sales than most other dropshippers. However, you can only do non-API dropshipping if your eBay account has never been used for API dropshipping in the past.

Is it possible to “unflag” a flagged eBay account?

No, this isn’t possible. Once an eBay account has been flagged, it cannot be unflagged. If your eBay account has been flagged, you can still dropship by connecting it with our API service.


I need help connecting my eBay account to your non-API service


We’ve created a helpful YouTube video to show you how to do this – click here


If you still need help, our technical support will be happy to assist. Just click the logo in the bottom corner to speak to one of our helpful agents.

I don’t have an unflagged eBay account… is API dropshipping still profitable?

Yes! A lot of our dropshippers use our API software and are still very profitable. 


For existing dropshippers who don’t have an unflagged eBay account, using our API software can be a good solution. It’s quicker to get started with and we charge less for it.

How is Salefreaks different from other non-API software?

Unlike other non-API tools, Salefreaks is fully automated, fully scalable and contains all the features you need to dropship on eBay from finding items to shipping your orders. Our platform does not use eBay’s file exchange system or a browser extension so there are no limitations or requirements to leave your computer running all the time.

I've signed up to your non-API service but I don't have an unflagged account, what can I do?

There are a few options you could pursue:

  1. If you only have a flagged eBay account, you could signup to our API software instead. This is the quickest and easiest solution.
  2. You could try to source an unflagged eBay account by asking friends, family or other dropshippers that you know.


Will I be charged VAT?

In most cases, you don’t. As an Israeli based company, we only have to charge VAT on sales to Israeli customers.

What form of payment do you accept?

As eBay sellers ourselves, we choose to accept PayPal for payments.

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