Switch to Salefreaks – and get 90% off your first month!

Along with a host of other exclusive benefits that make joining Salefreaks a no-brainer!

* The switching offer is available to new customers to Salefreaks, that have at least 5,000 listings or 50 orders a day and are switching from another listing software.

90% Off Your First Month, Then 50% Off Permanently!

Permanently low prices, even after your first month

Personal Switching Service

A personal contact that you can reach at any time will handle the switch for you

Concierge 1-1 Onboarding

After you’ve joined, we’ll call you to help you get started

Free Mentoring Service

You’ll be assigned a successful Amazon to eBay dropshipper as your mentor

Discounted Amazon Gift Cards

Up to 14% discount on Amazon U.S. Up to 7% discount on Amazon U.K.

Switching is quick, super easy and hassle-free

Our smooth process means you can get started with Salefreaks in under 48 hours, and avoid any loss of sales.

Switch to SaleFreaks

Step 1

Click the Messenger logo in the corner to let us know that you have at least 5,000 listings or 50 orders per day and wish to switch to Salefreaks.

Switch to SaleFreaks

Step 2

Ask your existing listing software for a file containing your current listings so we can migrate your items.

Switch to SaleFreaks

Step 3

You’re ready to go! We’ll even give you a free 1-1 onboarding session to help you get started and answer any of your questions.

I’m ready to switch!

What other dropshippers say about us

Switch to SaleFreaks

“Salefreaks is the best and most stable monitor today. I use Salefreaks because their repricer helps me get lots more orders. I have friends that use other monitors and their results just aren’t as good as my results.”

David Avital - eBay dropshipper

Switch to SaleFreaks

“I moved to Salefreaks only 3 months ago because there was a VeRO issue with eBay and the previous software I was using wasn’t preventing many VeRO’s so I had my account threatened to be closed. I can honestly say the switch was a no brainer. The software has prevented me from getting 6x more VeRO on eBay than I was getting before. It’s simple to use, customer service is great and it’s a great price.”

Jack Gill - eBay dropshipper

The Salefreaks Advantage

The most advanced Amazon account protection system in the industry


Salefreaks “Safe Access” provides you with a virtual machine for each of your Amazon accounts, the ability to auto-order items and advanced settings that are proven to protect your accounts from suspension.

Using our advanced protection system you can restrict; the maximum number of orders processed per hour, the maximum order price processed, the total number or value of orders processed in the lifetime of an Amazon account and the maximum number of pending orders allowed at a given time.

Switch to SaleFreaks Advantage

Personal mentoring with some of the best performing dropshippers on our platform


Salefreaks will provide you with 1-2-1 mentoring with experts that will coach you the exact techniques they use to make $1000’s every month with Salefreaks – for free.

*Requires a 5,000 listings plan. Don’t have 5,000 listings yet? Don’t worry – you can still upgrade to this plan to get free mentorship!

Switch to SaleFreaks Advantage

Salefreaks keep you safe from 99.9% of eBay copyright violations


Since 2010, Salefreaks has processed over 10 million orders and has amassed a bigger and more comprehensive VeRO list than any other listing software.

Switch to SaleFreaks Advantage

Our eBay dropshipping repricer beats the competition!


We don’t just monitor changes in the price of your supplier, we adjust your prices according to your competitors too. Our repricer is programmed to undercut the competition by $0.01 and raise or lower your prices so you make more profit and never lose a sale again.

Switch to SaleFreaks Advantage

Free tool to find profitable items to sell from Amazon


Unlike other monitors, Salefreaks includes a completely free tool to find profitable items to sell from Amazon. In a few clicks, you can scan entire subcategories of items, apply advanced filters and upload products straight to your store.

Switch to SaleFreaks Advantage


Who is eligible for this offer?

To be eligible for this switching offer you must (a) be a new customer of Salefreaks (b) have at least 5,000 listings or generate 50 orders/day and (c) switch from another listing software.

Is it hard to switch? What if something goes wrong?

We assure you that the switching process is very simple and in most cases can be completed in just a few hours. What’s more, we’ll even take care of you after you’ve switched. You’ll get a free 1-1 onboarding session and ongoing mentoring from an expert Amazon to eBay dropshipper to help you hit the road running.

What % discount can I get on Amazon gift cards?

This depends on the number of listings you switch over and the marketplace you sell on. Take a look below: These discounts could help you make $1000’s more every year.

Amazon U.S.
Listings SwitchedDiscount %
Amazon U.K.
Listings SwitchedDiscount %