Xmas Promotion Terms & Conditions:

To be eligible for this promotion, you must be a paying customer with SaleFreaks.


This promotion is designed to be as profitable as possible for you! If you bought an extra 5,000 listings, it would cost you $125 – so even if you only made 150 sales at $1 profit each, you’d still be making money.


You must purchase a minimum of 5,000 listings with each additional listing costing $0.025/listing.


You must pay for the promo upgrade upfront prorated until your next monthly billing date. So if you upgrade by 5,000 listings and your next billing date is in 15 days time then you’ll pay 5,000*0.025*15/30 = $62.50 right away at the moment of upgrade and in 15 days you will pay the full $125 extra for one more month.


The discount being offered applies only to each additional listing you purchase, not your current plan listings. For example, if you are currently paying Salefreaks $500/mo for 5,000 listings and wish to top-up by a further 5,000 listings, you will pay $625/mo. This is calculated by $500+ (5,000*$0.025).


Your discount will continue every month in the future as long as you maintain your new plan amount.


You must contact live chat support to opt-in to this promotion.


For members with auto-order; 30% of additional listings you purchase will include auto-order as standard. If you wish to add auto-order to more of the listings you purchase you can do so for $0.10 extra/listing as long as you fulfil all other criteria of this promotion.


This promotion can be withdrawn at anytime.