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SaleFreaks Users Power Their Entire Dropship Business All The Way From Finding Highly-Profitable, Fast-Selling Products Through To Listing, Monitoring, Repricing, And Selling Products At Scale From Amazon To eBay

Powerful Product Research

Find Fast-Selling, Highly-Profitable Products On Amazon.

Super Fast Uploads

Automatically List Products For Sale On Ebay.

Order Fulfilment

Purchase Products After They Have Already Sold (Using The Customers Money)

Easy Shipping

Ship The Product Directly To The Customer Via Amazon.

SaleFreaks Is One Of The Original Innovators In Dropshipping Tools Founded Over A Decade Ago - Having Evolved Into The Ultimate Side-Hustle Cheat Code Ever Since


Estalished in 2010

SaleFreaks began it's journey in 2010 and quickly rose through the ranks to become the world #1 software for Dropshipping.

$354 MILLION+ In Sales

In Total Our Users Have Generated over $354 MILLION+ In Sales.

Built By Dropshippers

SaleFreaks is built by dropshippers, for dropshippers!

SaleFreaks Is The Most-Powerful, Most-Flexible & Most Scaleable, Non-API & API, Dropshipping Software On The Market - Here's Why!

#1 Non-API Software

The most powerful Non-API dropshipping software ever created meaning more sales, higher listing visibility & more profit using SaleFreaks

Powerful API Software

Fast, reliable and effective fully automated mass dropshipping tool

Fully Automated

Run your business on autopilot - unlike all other Non-API solutions, SaleFreaks can automatically fulfill orders, and revise listings 24/7 without any manual input, browser extensions or need to leave your PC running.

Unlimited Accounts

Fully-scalable SaleFreaks works with an unlimited amount of eBay/ Amazon accounts and get the tools to help you scale fast.

Find Products

With the SaleFreaks item locator, finding profitable products to dropship from Amazon becomes easy. You can scan entire Amazon sub-categories at once, then filter items according to reviews, competition, profitability & more.

Listing Generator

Create one, or even thousands of listings in a click. Then watch as Salefreaks automatically beats your competitors by adjusting your prices in real time so you always make as much profit as possible, without ever losing a sale.

Listing Template Editor

Create your own templates or use ours, it's up to you. You can get your listings just the way you want them, fast.

Bulk Importing Tool

Simply create a CSV of your ASINS and shortened eBay titles and import lots of products quickly and easily

Automated Amazon Order Fulfillment

Avoid the stress of Amazon account shutdowns. With our Amazon managed account service, eBay U.S. users can fulfil orders with ZERO risk of Amazon account suspensions.

Powerful Automated Repricing

Beat the competition and win more sales with our automated 24/7 repricer.

Profit Breakdown

Easily view your products with purchase price, costs, fees and selling price to easily see how much you're making on each item

Business Dashboard

From the dashboard you can track your growth, profitability, conversion rates & more. And with your dropshipping business fully automated, you can relax as everything runs smoothly in the background.

#1 VeRO Database

The most comprehensive and largest VeRO database built over more than a decade from our thousands of linked stores means less potential suspensions and less hassle for you as we automatically block VERO listings from being added to your account.

Prevention & blocking Tool

Help keep your seller accounts safe with our unique blocking tool that uses the biggest VeRO database in the world.

VeRO Shredder

Our unique shredder tool allows you to remove newly identified restricted/ VeRO items from your stores safely, wiping out any trace of pictures, titles and descriptions

Bluecare Express Tracking

Automatic uploading of item tracking to eBay meaning secure, fast & trackable deliveries meaning you can reliably track your parcels anytime anywhere

Free SaleFreaks Starter Guide

How to get up and running with SaleFreaks and making profitable sales, faster than ever even if you're a total beginner to dropshipping

Free Video Course Training

SaleFreaks new owners are dropshippers themselves and have built an up-to-date dropshipping course that you get for free and regularly create new training sharing their tips and tricks of the trade.

Unlimited 24/7 Support

We have a large team of support staff that work 24/7 around the clock to ensure that your questions and problems are resolved FAST!

Private SaleFreaks Community

You get access to our client only communities for free meaning you can share strategies and get help from your fellow dropshippers

Group Coaching & Mentorship

Actual successful dropshippers, holding you by the hand to help you build your business on regular webinars doing full Q&A's and "over-the-shoulder" walkthroughs

SaleFreaks Features


Profit Seeking Product Locator & Hot Seller Research Tool

Scan 10's of thousands of Amazon results comparing against Ebay automatically to find profitable, fast-selling & trending products. You can filter by multiple criteria in seconds including - most profitable, eBay rank (coldest to hottest sellers), Amazon star rating, review count, profit percentage, number of competitors selling same item, Amazon Prime shipping or not, profit % and £ or $ and more.


High Conversion Amazon Product Importer & eBay Listing Generator

The Salefreaks Product Importer & eBay Listing Generator extracts all the information including photos, description, titles and more from your supplier and automatically fills in the gaps to make sure you have all the specifics required for listing to eBay even if the source listing doesn't!


Fully Automated, Hands Free, Order & Fulfillment Tool

When you make sales to your eBay customers you'll need to fulfill those orders. This can be time consuming and mistake prone if you try to do it yourself. Instead, let SaleFreaks 'auto-order' feature do it for you. Unlike other dropshipping software, we don't sting you with huge auto-order bills. We include a significant amount of 'free orders' in every package knowing your costs are under control and how much you're making.


Stock Price Monitoring & Repricing Engine

One of the keys to managing a profitable dropshipping business is making sure your prices are monitored and changed to maintain profit margins across platforms and look for 'out of stock' issues. SaleFreaks does this for you. All day every day across all your listings without you having to 'do' anything!


VeRO Notification Tool & VeRO Shredder

SaleFreaks has been powering dropshipping stores for well over a decade now and no other tool has built up the VeRO database that we have including ASINS, brand names and keywords that are known to cause problems for you. Our VeRO account safety tool protects your account and prevents the listing of items that infringe the intellectual property rights of others using a traffic light system (red, amber, green) meaning you have little to NO trouble with eBay suspensions or other account issues.


SaleFreaks Shield (Non-API Solution)

For new accounts that have never been connected to dropshipping software before, our Non-API solution is the most powerful in the market. It works by making you appear to be a normal Ebay user and NOT a dropshipper using software meaning you get MORE visibility in the best match algorithm, MUCH higher sales and more overall profit.


SaleFreaks API-PRO Solution

For accounts that have been connected to dropshipping before or flagged eBay accounts, our API-PRO fully automated dropshipping software will power your entire business, easily at scale.


Bulk Importing Tool

Easily migrate products & accounts from one store to another, or from another software tool to SaleFreaks. You can also find hot selling items from other stores, make a CSV file of it and upload them to your store.

And much, much more...


SaleFreaks Unrivaled Up-To-Date Training & Support

Whether you've been dropshipping on eBay for years, or if you've just started, we have 100% FREE training courses, guides and LIVE training sessions inside that will help!

100% Free Complete Dropshipping Video Ccourse

Regular Updated Dropshipping Beginner To Advanced Video Training

"How To" Feature Breakdowns & Success Case Studies

Access To Premium 1:1 & Group Mentors


SaleFreaks "All-In-One" Package Pricing

7-Day Trial For $1/£1.

Every SaleFreaks fully-automated dropshipping package comes with a 7-Day trial for $1/£1 so you can try it first, and every package can be upgraded or downgraded if and when you need more or less services.

We are 100% transparent with our pricing. Each package includes EVERYTHING you need to fully automate your own dropshipping store.

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  • Amazing software! Lots of impressive and useful features that helps my business, the best on the market.

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